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Why so many different sides to the site?

I’ve always had the thinking and the creative sides, the urge for activism and the desire to explore how best to flourish both on the personal and social level, and the deep-rooted impulse to share.

So much curiosity about the world, so much desire to understand and also to be able to help make a better world with more security and freedom, more human rights and animals rights. I remember that from early childhood, from about age 7.

And so much creativity bubbling up, in poems, stories, songs, images, videos. Again, that was already strong in childhood.

I’ve also always cared to know about others, most recently through interviews – in childhood mainly through stories.

And I’ve cared to share my stuff – ideas, songs, stories, interviews. I’ve also cared to share through workshops and talk times.



PS. If you’d like to explore, here are 3 sites:
Elsa’s Emporium – ideas, music, activism, workshops
World Truth Summit – Interviews with Truth Seekers and Truth Spreaders